About Us

Who We Are

Construction Managers Global is a New Zealand and Fiji based project management services company. CMG specializes in providing expert Construction Management & Project Management services from concept planning through to project completion and facility maintenance.

Our business strategy is founded on a clear vision and its core values form the culture of every service we provide and project we deliver. CMG is committed to delivering projects with high standards for quality, health and safety, and environmental protection. We differentiate ourselves by recognizing that our people’s talents and experiences are our strength, and we ensure to foster and leverage this strength to build exceptional value for our clients.

Construction Managers Global is a different kind of project management company. Entrepreneurial, quick to act with a real vested interest in client satisfaction, ensuring we meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

OUR Point Of Difference

CMG fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all employees contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, and have the opportunity to grow. Our diverse and inclusive workforce positions the company to grow, enhances our presence in diverse markets, and helps us build enduring relationships with each other, industry partners, and our clients.

We do our best work in teams made up of individuals with different backgrounds, skills and passions so we cultivate diversity in our offices and on our sites. We strive to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences. Inclusion is leveraging these differences to build a foundation for personal and professional growth. A culture of inclusion encourages and seeks new ideas and experiences, values and engages everyone.

OUR Vision

CMG aims to be a highly respected company that clients, consultants, architects and competitors alike see as the first choice for construction managers in the NZ and Pacific regions.

OUR Objectives

Drawing from our dedicated and professional team, our construction management offers the best of our international experience, innovative technology and solutions. For our clients, this means a single point of responsibility to consolidate liability and avoid engineering/contractor conflicts, proven budgeting, scheduling and cost-control systems to effectively manage complex design and construction programmes, as well as integrated project management control systems to help our clients consistently meet regulatory deadlines and strict budgetary requirements.

By engaging a Construction Manager, the client may also expect cost savings through streamlined procurement and construction processes.

CMG aims to be a highly respected company that clients, consultants, architects and competitors alike see as the first choice for construction managers in the NZ and Pacific regions. To achieve this objective, we believe the following key attributes are essential:

  • Understanding our clients and their expectations.
  • The ability to know or predict what our clients require.
  • Use our expertise to assist in developing & understanding the project brief.
  • Our management skills, professionalism, integrity & personal involvement are key to the success of our projects.
  • We treat every project with the same level of commitment & attention to detail.
  • Be solution focused and client driven.
  • Build lasting and successful relationships with clients & stakeholders.
  • Have an honest & open approach, with no surprises.
  • Our Health & Safety practices are maintained to the highest standards.
  • Adopt lean construction policies, energy efficiency & environmentally friendly practices
  • Celebrate our successes & ensure profitability for the longevity of our business.
CMG employs a dynamic team of engineers and technically trained employees with a broad range of experience. This allows us to provide first-rate multidisciplinary services.

OUR Team